About Me

Writing is a radical act of love. It’s a commitment you make to yourself, to the ideas clamoring in your head to escape, and to your future readers. And it takes a tremendous amount of courage to sit down, let your words spill out, and then send your precious pages to someone else to look over and mark up. 

That act of courage and vulnerability is what informs my personal editing creed: 

You deserve to work with an editor who loves your book as much as you do.

I also believe that everyone can benefit from having a thoughtful, thorough editor (even an editor can use an editor!), because sometimes it’s hard to untangle whether your entire story really did make it to the page—or if you’re mentally filling in a few things when you’re rereading.

I combine the practical writing and organizational skills from my journalism and technical writing days with insightful and sensitive editing to dig into the big picture elements of your manuscript in a developmental edit, or work through it line-by-line in a line edit to make sure every sentence is crisp, clear, and conveys your message accurately and with impact.

With over 18 years of combined writing and editing experience, I’ve worked with writers on a range of projects—from romance, fantasy, and magical realism, to creative nonfiction pieces and business books and materials for creative entrepreneurs. I get particularly excited about stories and characters that reflect our diverse and magical world. Or on a completely nonfiction note—that help people relate more deeply to themselves or achieve goals like having a more sustainable lifestyle. 

When I’m not at my desk, I’m usually trying to placate one of my four cats (who all seem to think they don’t get enough pets or wet food) or responding to the ump-teenth “Mom!” of the day. I also love getting absorbed in a good book, lost in the wild undergrowth of my vegetable garden, testing out new recipes in the kitchen, or hiking up the side of a Montana mountainside.